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Scott’s is a very special name in the London's gastronomical scene. By the time it moved to its current location in 1968, it was one of the most fashionable and glamorous seafood restaurants in town.

Scott’s is a very special name in the London’s gastronomical scene. Scott’s was founded in 1851 as an oyster warehouse. By the time it moved to its current location in 1968, it was one of the most fashionable and glamorous seafood restaurants in town.  Going to Scott’s has never ceased to be an experience. It is one of the few places in London that has opening hours through lunch and dinner which allows the clientele to enjoy late lunch or early supper.  This is particularly desirable to guests who prefer to stay away from the constant buzz, spotlight and celebrity mania. This place is dynamic at any time of the day or evening. Allow yourself to be spoiled by the marvellous seafood creations and flavours that the kitchen offers and presents. The atmosphere is exceptional and tends to pass by in slow motion. 

The interior of the restaurant represents a timeless Art Deco glamour. The central piece of the restaurant is a traditional oyster bar; however with the creative twist. All of the fresh seafood is displayed on a big white podium that resembles the shape of the lips. This podium is quite high and can be seen from any place within the restaurant. Each place at the bar has an individual lamp which somehow reminded us of a library. The bar is certainly a main meeting point during the evening: who could resist starting the evening with freshly opened oysters accompanied by a chilled glass of exquisite champagne?

The waiters are very well trained and spot any tiny hint of required assistance. What is striking is that they never fail to address your needs. Attention is immaculate without being intrusive.   

The menu resembles traditional French seafood restaurants. Starters comprise of various cold seafood selections on the ice platter, impressive variety of salads with the creative twist of ingredients, freshly caught fish cooked according to your preference or a selection of various fish fillets or cooked seafood. Meat lovers enjoy Scott’s signature dishes including irresistible game (served during Autumn and Winter, due to seasonality). The dessert menu also deserves a lot of attention as it offers a wonderful selection of cheeses as well as some traditional French deserts prepared a l’anglaise style. The wine menu is surprisingly not very long, however, once you start reading, you will understand that each bottle has been carefully selected to best accompany the food. The dessert wine menu also has a few esteemed choices to offer.

During our recent visit to Scott’s we had a wonderful Bisque of crab soup with cognac and potted shrimp salad which was a combination of cooked small shrimps with anchovy paste, served with the dash of ruccola salad and the olive oil. A true highlight was the lobster – it was freshly caught and ordered on the grill. The meat was very tender and melted against your palate. What a pleasure to be spoiled in such a way! The subtle sweetness of the lobster was paired well with the chilled champagne and allowed the world to drift by. Attentive waiters ensured that clean bowls for lobster shell and fresh lemon water for finger dipping were ever present. Dessert should not be left out of this idyllic picture. How about chocolate millefeuille with blood oranges? The chocolate cream was crafted from Amedei chocolate (a well-known Italian producer of chocolates) and had a magical sensation with the addition of juice taken from blood oranges. The chocolate was sweet thus its 63% cocoa content and the bitterness joined the tastebuds pulled from the  blood oranges and was coupled with a zesty flavour of sun and freshness. The millefeuille leaves were immaculately thin & crisp which added a beautiful texture to this masterpiece! Especially pleasing is the selection of loose tea including green tea (this is surely not easy to find in many restaurants!). The espresso macchiato disappointed somewhat, as the coffee was thin and not anything close to the Italian original. However, this tiny upset did not spoil a wonderful dining experience.

So, if you are in London and you love to be spoiled with attention and be seen – dinner at Scott’s is an absolute must. Make sure to book well in advance. Though, for those of us who prefer a rather leisurely afternoon, how about a late lunch – this will prove an experience to saviour!


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