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The restaurant itself is not big; but has a good number of tables. Everything is happening in one room and every time you enter, there is such a harmonious buzz to this place.

La Trompette is a stand-out among French restaurants in London. And here is why. You would never find pretentious crowds at this tuck away place. And yet, true connoisseurs of French cuisine would never miss this establishment. La Trompette always exudes French spirit & a delicate refined taste in food and wine. The restaurant itself is not big; but has a good number of tables. Everything is happening in one room and every time you enter, there is such a harmonious buzz to this place. The interior is done in pastel colours so pleasing to the eye; and the swift service never disappoints you. La Trompette focuses on a seasonal menu which changes a few times during the week and most often you won’t find too many repetitions between the lunch & dinner menu. What I always liked about gourmet restaurants is that they would rather focus on a few seasonal items & do them fresh and with all possible creativity & artistry; rather than providing you with a thick book of multitude of options. Simplicity is a true key to elegance.

Once you are seated at a table, you are offered a variety of home-made breads. These breads are very often served still warm and it is impossible to resist this temptation. Aperitif always puts you in the right mood to enjoy the upcoming experience. As the menu is seasonal, I would share with you a few of our all time favourites to tease your taste pallets a bit. For a starter we thoroughly enjoyed foie gras and chicken liver parfait with toasted brioche. The combination of the 2 textures and smoothness of the parfait create an unforgettable combination. For some reason, I always ask for second brioche as one is never enough for me. Cream of cauliflower soup as well as asparagus soup pleasantly warm up your senses. As for the mains – any choice of fish on the menu would guarantee a mouth-watering experience. Whether it is cod or seabass it always comes cooked a la naturelle with beautiful garnishes that create a tasteful combination with the fish. If you are a meat lover, then we would recommend to go for the glazed shoulder of lamb, lemon and apricot, spiced aubergine, herb yoghurt, pine nuts, panisse. You would not regret. La Trompette also has a good choice of poultry – poulet noir comes delicately roasted and if there is a season for partridge, it is not to be missed.

Staying true to the spirit of French cuisine, there is a very impressive cheese selection. Once you have a look at suggested variety & inhale the strong aroma of these delicacies, it is hard to avoid it. However, be aware that sweet part of the desert can be just as inviting. If you feel like finishing on a fresh & invigorating note, then we would suggest to chose pink grapefruit coup and if you still have room, then a portion of Valrhona chocolate tart. This is an absolute haven for chocolate admirers.

There is one more very important detail about this restaurant: its sommelier, Matthieu Longuere. He has been part of La Trompette team for a very long time and he is an example when your passion happens to be your job. He always takes time and interest in your selection for the dinner and talks you through possible wine recommendations. He is a well-rounded professional and is always learning about new products; new producers and has an exploratory taste. All the wines that he has ever recommended us – never failed and were a wonderful accompaniment to our meal. And in addition to all of the above, he is a wonderful company to learn from and get interested in wines. His love & passion for wines is contagious!

I wish you all a very special evening at La Trompette and please do not forget to book in advance!


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