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Kabuki Wellington is a good Japanese restaurant in Madrid. From its minimalist style, and very modern interior; to exquisite authentic menu selection and an entertaining sushi bar with a few chefs busy at work

Kabuki Wellington is a good Japanese restaurant in Madrid. From its minimalist style, and very modern interior; to exquisite authentic menu selection and an entertaining sushi bar with a few chefs busy at work – it is certainly a place to visit and to be seen. There are not that many Japanese restaurants in Madrid, and especially of such level. As we do have a big love and respect for Japanese cuisine, we could not miss such an opportunity.

It is recommended that you book a table for 21:00 or 22:00 as arriving earlier is simply not custom in Spain and you may risk sitting all alone in the restaurant & miss the important bit of being looked at by other frequent customers as you slowly walk into this place. A very pleasant surprise is that this restaurant has both smoking and non-smoking areas which is not very common across Spain. Restaurant is quite spacious and offers different settings for different purposes – you can be seated in an intimate spot just for 2; or you can have a well-placed table for 4 to observe the happenings on the ground floor or you can have a seating at the sushi bar and be completely taken by the artistry of the chefs creating some amazing combinations right in front of your eyes. The wine list offers quite a selection of sake & sweet plum wines and you can be sure that you can find good old European or New World examples there too.

The focus of the menu is on traditional Japanese dishes and the twist between the Spanish delicacies combined with the simplicity of Japanese recipes. We have ordered a miso soup & soba noodles with shrimp tempura as a starter. Miso soup was well done and tasted just right. Soba noodles came a bit too hot and this prevented my husband from truly enjoying this meal. As a follow up we ordered a variety of sushi & sashimi.  All fish came very fresh and not a single disappointment! There were several fusion plates like wagyu beef miniature hamburger sushi – to our taste it did not quite hit the spot; you could not taste the usual succulent flavour of this beef & the sushi was a bit blend. The other experiment was sushi with the quail poached egg and the truffle. It sounded more delicious as it really tasted as egg was a bit too well done & there was too much of powerful truffle flakes. We sat there and pondered on this phenomenon – as all traditional dishes were really fine & came out beautifully made; the fusion pieces, to our opinion, were not as impressive. Those of you, who do know a bit of Spanish cuisine, may be aware that Spaniards tend to prefer fried things, thick sauces and very flavourful combinations. This taste may appeal to some of us and for others it might be novel and not necessarily exciting. It was a true revelation – we are hostages of our own taste and habits.  At times, this prevents us from fully enjoying unknown & finding pleasure and excitement in new discoveries.

As for the desert menu, it was again a combination of truly Japanese and a few local specialities. As we were in Spain, we had to go for a portion of churros with hot chocolate. We needed to know how it would taste in the Japanese restaurant! The desert was spectacular and certainly not on a light side of things. But it was certainly worth it! We also ordered a Japanese specialty – yuzu cream & jelly accompanied by fresh strawberries and pumpkin seeds. This was a very delicate and fresh combination, so typical for Japanese dishes. It was beautifully presented and made a wonderful ending to our adventurous Japanese-Spanish fusion experience.

This time we were reminded of one important principle: never expect the same level of presentation or cooking style as you are used to in a given cuisine. It may potentially spoil your discovery and prevent from learning & experiencing new flavours & combinations. Be ready to accept that the same thing can have different faces depending where you go ...


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