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It felt as if we were visiting a high profile restaurant in London or Moscow... One of the waiters seated us on the terrace. We were lucky that not all of the tables were reserved.
Don’t you think that most intriguing discoveries happen by accident? The more thoroughly you work on your plans, the greater is the probability of disappointment as things may not always go as we wish them to... On a beautiful, sunny afternoon in May we were taking a quick detour from a coastal road in Croatia, up into the hills, to look at the old village of Mošćenička. The village was really tiny and somehow reminded me of the narrow streets in Napoli. The view from the hill top was breathtaking – luscious green mountains and silky blue waters of Adriatic sea. It is hard to believe that such places still exist! Inspired by the view, we set on a mission to find a place for the dinner. After circulating around, we took a small road down the hill top to the neighbouring coastal town of Mošćenička Draga. As we were approaching the city, I noticed a nice looking white terrace with white table cloths and lively buzz. I knew we had to stop here and check this place out.

We walked and immediately noticed a pleasant modern interior, fully set tables with elegant crystal glasses and waiters in stylish restaurant attire.  It felt as if we were visiting a high profile restaurant in London or Moscow... One of the waiters seated us on the terrace. We were lucky that not all of the tables were reserved. As we sat at a table we glanced over our neighbours. One detail stroke our eye: every single man was dressed in a Polo shirt. It felt as if we happened to be in a private yacht club. The menu arrived shortly after, and the waiter was able to converse with us in 3 foreign languages. The menu was a simple 1 page with the focus on fresh seafood products. Given that sea was a few meters away, and the fact that Croatia has one of the cleanest sea waters – it was impossible to avoid the seafood delicacies. We started off with the octopus salad. This was the most tender octopus that I have ever eaten in my life! Then we continued with spaghetti prepared with scampi in bouzzara sauce (wine, garlic, parsley, tomato).  The dish was brought to us on a big silver tray which occupied at least half of our table. The amount of scampi was substantial as well as their size. The aroma from the dish was intoxicating...

Scampi was melting in your mouth. Its meat was comparable to a lobster delicacy, but only more tender and sweeter. Once you paired it with the sauce – your palate could no longer accept anything below this standard.  Among other main dishes, you can also order mussels, vongole, fresh fish, lobster, traditional fish stew & other seafood delicacies.  I was convinced that after such a beautiful meal nothing can surprise me much – how wrong I was! When asked about a desert, I responded back with the question about their recommendation. The guy immediately said that we should try semifredo with warm wild berries. So it was! I love semifredo & tend to be very picky about how I like it. The plate soon arrived and I took my first bite... My words got lost. I must admit that this was one of the best semifredo I have ever had. A cold delicacy paired with warm wild berries sauce was divine. I did not want to leave the place... The morale of the story: when we least expect extraordinary to happen, it always does. It is only the matter of curiosity, open-mindness and at times a small detour... back

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  • Sv. Petar
    5516 Moscenicka Draga
  • +385 51 737578
  • Restaurant
  • Seafood