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Austria is by far one of the less known places among food lovers. It was no exception until the time has come to move there.

Austria is by far one of the less known places among food lovers. It was no exception until the time has come to move there. This country offers an amazing combination of beautiful scenery and tuck away small vineyards. Some of these vineyards have a lot more to offer besides wine – they serve local delicacies and seasonal food creations. Such places are called “buschenschank” and are primarily found in the region of Styria in the south of Austria. At times this region is also called Austrian Tuscany as it has lots of similarities with its Italian relative. Styrians love to get together with friends and family in buschenschanks and if the weather permits, socialise outside. It is a wonderful feast of taste and a great way to catch up with your friends & attempt to solve the world’s problems...

So, what is so different about Buschenschank Schneeberger? First of all, it is one of the more advanced & modern places where you can find bigger seating facilities both inside & outside. The interior is made to look fresh & modernised; but still a flavour of an authentic buschenschank is present: most of the tables are set up for 4-6 people & bigger crowds; all bigger tables have traditional wooden benches. You would not see many waiters; however, the few you find, be sure would do an excellent job. All of them are part of the family that runs this place & such personal commitment makes a big difference.

What can you expect to see on the menu? First of all, an extensive wine list from the family winery. You can purchase wine either by the glass or by the bottle. This gives you a good opportunity to try different kinds of wine and then perhaps take a few bottles home. The food is usually all cold and consists of various plates: you can find salads; special cheese plates; special meat plates and we highly recommend to try the seasonal or chef's menu. We had one plate which was a combination of fresh goats cheese with pesto from wild garlic; prosciutto made from lamb served with spiced preserved fruit and asparagus mousse wrapped in a thin layer of carrots. This was delicious! Another specialty of this place is smoked fish. They get fish from local producers and smoke it themselves as per their grandparents’ recipe. We had smoked lake trout and all we were able to say is that it was melting in our mouth; had a wonderful fresh flavour touched by a few dill notes. If you are brave enough, you can order mixed meat plates that are always a hit in this place. Some traditional meats to try are the cooked thinly sliced beef, marinated in vinegar & pumpkin seed oil, served with fresh onion rings (“Saures Rindfleisch”); another specialty is “Brüstl” – long oven-roasted pork belly; it is served cold & recommended to be paired with either pickled vegetables or freshly grated horse radish. Deserts cannot be missed. The place offers different varieties of strudel, for example, sweet cheese with fresh raspberries; and some exotic things such as a mousse out of schilcher-grapes ...

Hopefully, we have given you some food for thought and, who knows, maybe we shall see you in one of these buschenschanks!


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