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If you are into spicy, flavourful, as well as full of fresh herbs and vegetables cuisine, then this place might be something for you. This restaurant is called Barashka and features Azerbaijan cuisine.

Moscow has recently become one of the key foodie locations. You can find there anything from Japanese to fusion kitchen; most spectacular restaurant designs; impeccable service and almost any unimaginable idea becomes a reality there... the only condition is to have enough funds to make it real.

There are also places that boast not only fantastic kitchen, elegant & contemporary design, good service, but reasonable pricing too. They might not be so easy to find, but once you come across those, you tend to become loyal customer of those. One of such jewels is a restaurant called Barashka, featuring Azerbaijan cuisine. If you are into spicy, flavourful, as well as full of fresh herbs and vegetables cuisine, then this place is for you.

Barashka has 2 locations; where my favourite one is on Petrovka street. It has more of a cosy atmosphere and less poshness to it. Restaurant has 2 floors; for more privacy I would recommend to book the 2nd floor. Ambience is very warm and yet stylish. You can find nice paintings and pictures of contemporary life snapshots in Azerbaijan; along the steps leading to the 2nd floor you would see endless number of big glass jars with canned lemons. It is absolutely appetizing! Service is very attentive and you can count on finding multilingual menu as well as all waiters speak decent English. As an amuse bouche you would be offered authentic Azerbaijan black tea with thyme and small candied fruits. It is an absolute gem and I can drink this tea any time in any quantity!

As a starter I would suggest trying mixed salad from Baku herbs with slightly marinated tomatoes; kutaby (very thin, water-based fried dough stuffed with either meat, or cheese or mixed herbs). A selection of local cheeses from Azerbaijan is worth a try! If you are more on a hungry side, then I would recommend a soup with Azerbaijan dumplings (Dushbara) or perhaps a beautiful fish soup of Caspian sturgeon. As the main dish – all depends on your taste. If you are adventurous enough, then I would recommend trying something very traditional – plov (rice dish prepared either with lamb and spices or dried apricots and prunes). Beware that this is not for those who are on a strict diet! There are also traditional dumplings that you can order either boiled or fried called Kyurza. Home-made pasta is divine, but again not so light. For meat lovers this is paradise as you get endless combinations of either grilled meat or minced patties; all cooked with local spices. Do not be surprised to get pomegranate berries in many of these dishes or sauces – this is a very typical ingredient. If you still have space left for the desert, then we suggest to stay with the special black tea with thyme (it tends to help you digest the meal) and it is a pleasant ending to your evening. However, if you are interested in something sweet, then I would offer you to order some of the home-made jams. The variety is impressive: from rose petals, green walnuts (the whole nut!), quince, to white cherries and more. Another sweet local specialty is pakhlava, internationally known as baklava. You can also go for more European desserts, such as tiramisu, cheesecake or panna cotta.

All in all, you would not leave hungry. This is a place of wonderful hospitality, bursting flavours and bright colours!


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  • 20/1, Petrovka Ulitsa
    Moscow, Russia

    Metro: Chekhovskaya
  • +7 495 2004714
  • Restaurant