Code of Conduct

FoodSketches users should adhere to the following Code of Conduct principles:


  • reviews must pertain to the service provider / place / event which is to be reviewed;
  • all content must correspond with reality;
  • all content must be factual and accurate;
  • you can provide content only on the restaurants / places / events that you have personally visited;
  • no derogatory tags may be used. Slanderous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, swearing, threatening, harassing or excessively angry comments are not tolerated;
  • no excessive use of emoticons, coloured text and abbreviations; No text should be written using CAPS lock;
  • contents which have been initiated by service providers/company owners themselves are only permitted as self-expression;
  • reviews and content deemed to have been submitted by restaurants or service providers themselves will be removed immediately and accounts closed down;
  • the stating of email addresses, URLs or telephone numbers for advertising purposes is not allowed;
  • straightforward advertisements (concealed or open) are not permitted including non-profit organisations;
  • rumours, content based upon rumour or the unconfirmed statements of other people are not permitted.

FoodSketches is authorized to block reviews and content which you have posted on FoodSketches if justified suspicion should exist on the basis of specific evidence that the legal requirements of these conditions of use have been contravened.

FoodSketches reserves the right to edit or to remove any post at any time.

If you find any comment or content on our website that violates stated above principles, please send us a message at  indicating the actual text and place where it can be found on the site for our further review.