What is FoodSketches?

FoodSketches is an interactive web platform dedicated to sharing interesting and unique discoveries on the gastronomical scene.  As you would certainly agree, food is a pleasure. It is not merely the act of pleasing your taste buds, but rather an intricate and holistic experience.  This experience awakens all your senses: the sense of spice and different textures when you have that first bite; the artistic presentation that is so pleasing to your eye; the ambience of the place you are in, which sets you in a certain mood; and, of course, the company of friends and family you share this special moment with.

We are all constantly searching for such special places: be it a unique restaurant or a cafe; be it a cosy chateau with the crackling logs or a whisper of the ocean on a sun-lit terrace. At times we even venture into the unknown and discover hidden jewels along the way ...

We would like to share with you some of such hidden jewels and unique gastronomical places. We also hope that you may be interested to share with all of us your own special discoveries!